About BDRC

The Business Dynamics Research Consortium is a public-private, non-profit, nonpartisan research institute devoted to the study of business performance and economic growth. Operated as a research consortium at the University of Wisconsin - Extension, the Institute manages a complex system of databases and technology resources for use by researchers and affiliate organizations.

BDRC is committed to creating data resources and data-driven insights that stimulate research on individual business performance and its impact on overall economic growth. The compilation of multiple databases on business and economic activity is intended to create a comprehensive and accessible databank on the US economy, and in the process attract and serve diverse research initiatives across multiple disciplines and academic institutions.

BDRC functions as follows:

  • Research Center - Serving as a catalyst for multi-discipline research initiatives and collaborative projects that benefit from access to a dynamic database representing business and economic activity.
  • Think Tank - creating and publishing original and affiliate organization research focused on individual business performance and its impact on economic growth.
  • Data Utility - Database management and development combined with technology innovations focused on data access and visualization.


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